Top 10 things to being a Successful news Anchor


A news anchor  should  have some unique qualities. An anchor is the one who gives life to the total news hour . He/she should be of the nature of attaining the attention of viewers. Live streaming mistakes may prompt the viewers to lose interest and to sign up.

To become a charismatic Anchor, He/She should concentrate on the following things:

1. Be fluent on readings without making any mistakes. Be casual in presentation. Too much concentration on words portray the anchor as serious and inexperienced.

2. An anchor should always alert while presenting, avoid making fun when the microphones are turned on. Funs made by the anchor behind the screen, can sometimes fall on live accidently. This may reduce the impression of the anchor, if viewers witness to it.

3. Anchor should stay calm and self-controlled when a unplanned breaking event has to be presented and don’t be panic & confused

4. Be open minded, feel enthusiastic and energetic don’t show yourself as bored or tired on the air.

5. Keep your emotions controlled and don’t allow it to spoil your presentation during the work. In case of any technical issues an anchor is expected to behave in a gentle and well mannered way till the issue get solved.

6. While presenting a mournful and serious news the anchor should not laugh or smile. This may create negative impression among the viewers.

7. Be so conscious on the gestures. Anchors should stay biased. Making gestures in the end will let the viewers find the anchor’s opinion to that. This may lead some critics to criticize more on the anchors if they notice.

8. Be cordial with the co-anchor. Stay genuine to them or It may look awkward if the viewers detects the disrespectful behavior

9. An Anchor should stay cool and smiling while welcoming the guest. Greet them in a friendly manner. Try not to interrupt your guest unless it is absolutely necessary

10. An anchor should be an updated person in all respects and able to handle any situation in a right manner. The presentation should arouse interest in the minds of the viewers to view the news

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