Linear & Non-Linear Editing

Certificate in Linear & Non-Linear Editing

Course ID: EJ5

Certificate in Linear & Non-Linear Editing

M – 1 Introduction to Editing
Introduction to digital editing / About the Post-Production Workflow, Video Formats and Time code Principles of editing / Liner & Nonlinear Editing / On line & Off line Editing / Analysis of film sequences from editing point of view

M – 2 Introduction to video editing
Features and characteristics / Importing and organizing video clips, timeline tools, clips trimming, batch capturing, capturing with and without device controls / Video editing techniques / Transition devices and effects using video and audio channels / Muting/swapping channel / Titling techniques, compositing, animating clips, motion setting, alpha channel and color option, video effects and rendering

M – 3 Introduction to Editing Software
Introduction to Editing Software (Premier Pro., Pinnacle 9, FCP, AVID) / Introduction to Tools, Video Signals and Connectors, Connecting Professional Video Devices, Capturing Raw Data / Editing – Action Sequence / match cut / continuity match / Trim Clips, Insert or Replace Clips, Adjust Clips

Script base Editing / Soft Story Editing & Hard Story Editing / News Editing / Film Editing / Ad Editing (1 min. / 5 min. / 30 sec)

Reference Books:

1. Digital Video Filmmaking, Volume 1, Ian D. Aronson, O’Reilly Media, Inc., 2006
2. Nonlinear Editing, Patrick Morris, CRC Press, 2012
3. Digital nonlinear editing: new approaches to editing film and video, Thomas A. Ohanian, Focal Press, 1993
4. Video basics 7, Herbert Zettl, Boston, MA : Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2013.

Minimum qualification : 10th Pass
Age limit : 35

Duration: 3 MonthsCollaborating Institution: Jan Shikshan Sansthan of Union Ministry of Human Resources Development