About Us

Welcome to Sathiyam Institute of Journalism & Broadcasting (SIJB)

“Sathiyam Institute of Journalism & Broadcasting (SIJB)” is the educational arm of SATHIYAM MEDIA VISION Pvt. Ltd., the Company that holds and operates the popular News & Current Affairs Tamil Channel Sathiyam TV, and started operations from the academic year 2013 – 14.

Though the core objectives of the Company – to make a positive and constructive impact on the society at large – are very evident in the unbiased and credible news disseminations of Sathiyam TV, this foray into education was driven by the strong conviction that nurturing a sustainable societal revolution, lies not just in honest journalism but also in ‘educating’, ‘enabling’ and thus ‘empowering’, which then transformed as a self imbibed ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

This is precisely why we have embarked on this long journey that shall begin with educating the young and aspiring, imparting them with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to build constructively equitable societies and empower them to face the challenges of the future. We also have a strong commitment that what we offer, shall be nothing short of world class and one that shall not be out of reach for the deservedly seeking.

We are also well aware of the fact that our core competence lies in the fields of Media & Entertainment, which realization caused us to venture into academic and vocational courses in related fields, with the objective of producing thoroughbred media & entertainment professionals who will be able to change the very landscape of journalism, entertainment and television broadcast in this part of the world. The focus of such education and training will be a cutting edge curriculum and hands-on training at our world class broadcast facility in Royapuram, Chennai.

It is also for this purpose that we have registered with Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Human Resources & Development, New Delhi and have come to offer educational and vocational courses that will impart the requisite knowledge and skills to those that come seeking.

It now gives us immense pride that many in the batches of students that have already passed out from here, are now very gainfully employed in various media companies, with a few of them spreading their wings into the film industry as well.

We are well aware that these shall be very miniscule when seen against the larger needs of the deprived classes, but we strongly believe that these shall also be defining contributions to the transformations that we hope to bring about in our midst.