Certificate in Videography

Certificate in Videography

Course ID: EJ1

Certificate in Videography:

M – 1 Introduction to Videography:
Principles of videography / Video recording systems, color coding systems, TV broadcast systems / Difference between studio cameras and camcorders / Types of video cameras, video recording formats, camera operations, single camera and multi camera shoots
M – 2 Basics of cinematography
Elements of composition, image size / Camera and subject movements / Creative use of light and color / 5 C’s of cinematography (camera angles, continuity, cutting, close – ups & composition)
M – 3 Lighting sources
Ambient / natural light / Hard and soft lights / Light fixtures and reflectors / Indoor lights / Three – point and four – point lighting / Functions of lighting
Practicals on Content Making – Photography, Videography, Short films, News Stories.
Reference Books:
1. Learning Photography, George Haines, Hamlya publishing group, London. 1992
2. Basic Photography, Michael Langford, Focal Press, London, 1986
3. Practical videograph, :field systems and troubleshooting, Robert L. Bernard, Focal Press, 1990.
4. Television Production Handbook, Zettle Herbert, Wordsworth Publishing Co., California, 1984
5. Video Artisan: How to Earn a Living from Professional Videography, Kevin Cook, Kevin Cook, 2007

Minimum qualification : 10th Pass
Age limit : 35

Duration: 3 MonthsCollaborating Institution: Jan Shikshan Sansthan of Union Ministry of Human Resources Development